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The Start.

The patented technology began with the U.S. Navy with their need to develop undersea propulsion technology that required no gaseous exhaust. However, the technology needed to be modified to become a viable solution for applications on land, and the CarbonPoint proven carbon capture process technology was born.  

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The Problem.

Low CO2 concentration in engine exhaust makes carbon capture difficult and more expensive compared to other sources. Whether providing electric power generation or mechanical power such as gas compression, the distributed power industry is largely served by reciprocating piston engines and industrial gas turbines.   

These typically have an exhaust CO
2 concentration in the range of 3-11%. Until now, there has not been an economically viable carbon capture solution available. 

The Solution.

The patented Semi-Closed Cycle System

CarbonPoint Solutions is a line of technologies, including the patented, Semi-Closed Cycle (SCC) system that concentrates exhaust CO2, enabling economically viable carbon capture for distributed power. In addition to the SCC, CarbonPoint Solutions include fully integrated or standalone capture systems based on advanced molecular sieve technology. 


The SCC can be adapted to individual application needs and equipment and applies to both new installations and retrofit applications for existing equipment. ​ 

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