Carbon is the point.


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Centralized Power

Requires Large Scale

  • Economics / operational efficiency with steam

  • Lower Cost $ per MW

  • Logistics of fuel (ash removal)

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Distributed Power

Does Not Require Large Scale

  • Generation is co-located with use

  • Enables Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

  • Growing market segment

Distributed Power represents 1/6th of installed power in the U.S.

The problem.

Carbon capture feasible, commercially unreasonable

  • Target range of CO2 tax is $40-80/ ton (Paris Accords)

    • ​Capture cost for stationary coal power at high CO2 concentration

  • NO AVAILABLE carbon capture option near this price ​

    • ​At the distributed power scale

  • Distributed power users must pay the tax:​

    • ​It’s like having a 2-3X increase in the cost of fuel

    • Eliminates payback for Distributed Power

Solar 5.7 MW Gas Turbine Generator.jpg

Image: Solar 5.7 MW Gas Turbine Generator

Distributed Power Problem Chart.png

The solution.

The SCC field tested and economically viable

Distributed Power The Solution Image.png

The SCC increases CO2 concentration by 2-7X, up to 25%.  This 50-85% reduction in exhaust volume enables economic capture using “off-the-shelf” techniques

It's easy to decarbonize.

  • Available for new installations or easily upgrade installed systems 

  • SCC retains the standard mode of operation, instantly revert back “no capture” mode

  • Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is simple to install

    • ​Ducting and Dampers, water cooling, injection, and separation

  • Turbine engines

    • Can eliminate high ambient temperature de-rate and altitude de-rate

  • Piston engines

    • Increases fuel flexibility and reduces hot fuel de-rate ​

The SCC can easily be adapted to individual application needs and equipment.

With a highly flexible design, SCC is compatible with:

Waste Image.png

Power or Combined Heat & Power (CHP)





Fuel Processing or Production


COCapture & Processing

  • Piston engine 

  • Gas turbine 

  • Supplemental firing

  • Biogenic feedstock

  • Pyrolysis gasification system with SCC power system

  • Mixed biogenic/non-biogenic feedstock

  • Pyrolysis gasification system with SCC power system

  • Mole sieve, amine 

  • Phase separation

Power output range <1 - 25+MW

A transformation is underway to decarbonize power systems.

This shift is toward clean, distributed energy solutions.

Carbon is the Point.