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CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery


CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a proven and increasingly cost-attractive technology for boosting oil production in maturing fields. Many oil fields could potentially recover as much as 25% additional oil with a dramatically improved greenhouse gas profile due to the captured CO2 being injected into the reservoir rather than released into the atmosphere. To produce these barrels, producers need new sources of CO2, or additional sources for augmentation, strategically placed near oilfields suitable for EOR. 


Using CO2 for EOR has several benefits. It enables operators to produce more oil while helping to pay for the cost of CO2 capture and development of the infrastructure necessary to transport and sequester more  CO2. Most importantly, oil produced from CO2-EOR has a significantly lower carbon intensity than conventional oil when captured anthropogenic CO2 is used.   

The US has over 10,000 compressor stations, many of which are close to potential EOR fields. Capturing CO2 from engines and turbines at these sites and using the CO2 for EOR will enable the growth of economic and low-carbon intensity oil production.  

90% of EOR fields that are compatible with CO2 actually have no source of CO2 today.  CarbonPoint solves this problem.

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